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Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions



Among the best extensions available for Google Chrome, Click & Clean is my favourite. The reason is simple: it cleans up my browsing experience and gives me a broader view of the web. I can use it to browse the internet more efficiently, as well as to search for information more easily. I also love the incredibly customization tab management system in Google Chrome. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, I can add anything from Google Translate to HubSpot Sales to my browser.


If you want to clean your internet history and prevent the browser from storing your private data, you should install the Click&Clean Google Chrome extension. This extension will delete your internet history when you close your browser, and you can also check for viruses. It will also remove cache data, clean up your computer, and scan for viruses. Using this extension will help your computer run faster and stay safe online. It also comes with a firewall called J2TEAM Security, which is not your ordinary firewall. You can customize the list of websites you wish to block and ensure that your Chrome browser uses the “HTTPS” security tag when surfing the internet.

Malware bytes

You can download the Malwarebytes Browser Guard from the Chrome Web store. If you’re using a Chromium-based web browser, it should work, too. This browser extension also allows you to add files to the “Ignore List,” which means that these programs aren’t scanned or blocked. After you download the extension, simply click on the icon to open the management interface. The interface will list the protection types you’ve enabled and the elements that were found on a page.

Adblock Plus

The fake Adblock Plus extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store after several days of being available. The extension used the exact same name as the legit one and had the wrong developer’s name. Despite being taken down, the malicious extension has still managed to gather 37,477 downloads. There is no information about the extension’s effects and it has no place on the Chrome web store. This article will give you an overview of the pitfalls of downloading fake extensions and how to prevent them from being downloaded.

HubSpot Sales

A Google Chrome extension for HubSpot Sales allows you to log all of your emails from Gmail. You can easily keep track of which emails were opened and which weren’t. The extension also enables you to insert Meeting links and documents into your emails. This extension also helps you manage all of your email correspondence. You can even configure the settings to automatically log emails for you. However, before installing the extension, you should read the documentation provided by HubSpot.


ColorZilla is a handy Mozilla and Google Chrome extension that can help web developers, graphic designers, and other professionals with various color-related tasks. It allows you to change the color of text, graphics, and other elements within a web page to match the mood and tone of the website you’re working on. It even helps you make color schemes for websites. To use it, simply click on the extension’s icon on your browser’s toolbar.

Speed Dial

If you like using the Speed Dial Google Chrome extension, this article is for you. If you’re looking for an extension that enables you to set a specific number of websites or sites as your “speed dial” in a few clicks, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each extension, and give you a list of our favorites. Ultimately, it will depend on your personal preferences.

JSON Viewer

The JSON Viewer Google Chrome Extension provides a convenient way to inspect and edit JSON content. The extension supports JSON and JSONP formats and features syntax highlighting clickable URLs, and collapse nodes. It also supports both local and web-based JSON files. You can open any JSON page in your browser with this extension, or inspect local files in the Chrome console. After you install the extension, you can open JSON files from the Chrome console using the command JSON.

HubSpot Sales for Gmail

Once you have installed the HubSpot Sales for Gmail Google Chrome extension, you can easily track and view the activity feed of your contacts. When a contact opens your email, a pop-up notification will appear to alert you to the activity. Once you click on an email, you can also choose to add the contact to your HubSpot account. This extension will help you track every step of your sales process.


The Todoist Google Chrome Extension is an easy way to create and manage your to-do lists. You can create lists for tasks, add links, and files, and set due dates. This extension is free and available for Chrome browsers. Once installed, Todoist lets you manage all your to-dos from your browser. The extension even allows you to collaborate with others on your projects. If you are a developer or a designer, you’ll want to download this extension for your browser.