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How to Make Money With YouTube Without Making Videos

If you’ve been wondering how to make money with YouTube without making videos, then you’re probably not camera shy. There are many ways to monetize your YouTube account without having to make any videos. Some of these methods involve Sponsored videos, Merchandise, or Live streaming. But before you get started, you should consider whether these options are right for you. If you’re unsure, read on to discover some of the most popular ones.

Sponsored videos

Rather than spending hours creating videos and trying to sell them, you can get paid to republish other people’s videos. The key is to make sure that you optimize your video for the search engines and attract as many viewers as possible. To get people to view your videos, you need to create captivating titles and thumbnails and tell a compelling story. When you do publish videos on YouTube, you must be consistent in your postings and add new content regularly.

Creating a niche YouTube channel helps you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your expertise in your topic. Companies will want to collaborate with you as an expert in your field, and if you can generate a large following, they may want to work with you. You may also want to consider hosting workshops or other types of events to spread your knowledge. You can make educational videos, design content, cooking videos, DIY projects, music, and dance videos, or hold live shows.

Another way to make money with YouTube is by promoting other products. Using affiliate links to promote products is a great way to earn money, and the viewers know when they’re being advertised. Just make sure you disclose any partnerships with advertisers to avoid violating YouTube’s policies. A new way to make money with YouTube is through Super Chat, a feature that allows viewers to purchase chat messages to pin them to the top of the comment section. This way, you can monetize live streams by promoting products.


One way to generate income with YouTube is to sell relevant merch. You can sell physical or digital products to your audience. You can use third-party merchandising platforms, such as Spreadshirt, to sell merchandise. YouTuber Millie Adrian integrates Spreadshirt with her YouTube page so that fans can buy her merchandise directly from her channel. Other popular methods include merchandising with YouTube partners and using your channel as an online store.

You can sell your YouTube videos without editing them, and they can also be used for compilations. Blogging is a very solid way to earn money with YouTube without making videos. If your video is popular, it may even be embedded on popular blogs and earn you money. If you’re good with videos, you can create your own blog for free on WordPress. You can also use third-party videos, which you have to properly attribute to the owners.

When you republish a video, be sure to conduct keyword research before publishing it on YouTube. Search popular keywords and choose phrases that will draw more traffic and generate more profit. A general YouTube channel is hard to compete with and might not be profitable for you. But, a niche channel shows deeper expertise and interest in the topic, and companies are more likely to want to work with an expert in the field.

Live Streaming

If you’re wondering how to make money with YouTube without making videos, there are a few ways to monetize your channel. First, look for sponsors and affiliate programs. Sponsorships may require a large following, while affiliate programs have a lower barrier to entry. To get started, include an affiliate link in your video description. Be transparent and disclose your earnings to the audience. In addition, consider collaborating with other YouTubers who have similar interests.

You can also use other people’s content in your videos. YouTube offers a library of content under Creative Commons licenses, which allows you to share others’ videos and earn money through it. For instance, if you create a YouTube channel about how to make money with a laptop, you can partner with a company and earn money when visitors click on its ads and buy the product. Another option is to use Google-sponsored ads, where you’ll earn 65% of the advertising revenue.

YouTube is a fantastic way to earn passive income. While it requires some work in the beginning, once you’ve set up your channel, the process becomes passive and takes very little effort. Remember that not all videos make money, as the site makes 95% of its revenue from just 5% of its users. But it’s definitely possible to make money with YouTube without making videos. You’ll have to be aware, however, that the majority of YouTube income comes from the top 5% of your videos.